Are you an NGO, a business or a policy maker and want to transform the global food system to a better, sustainable and just version?
Us too! So let’s just collaborate.

We are offering the following services:

  • Geographical Food System Analysis
    • Do you need a comprehensive understanding of a local or global food system? Do you want to understand the challenges specific regions or actors face regarding food and its environment? We can help you to answer these questions by doing a food systems mapping including a stakeholder analysis
    • We offer in-depth policy analysis of the political landscape around food and agriculture on the EU and UN level
    • If you want a fully detailed analysis, we are able to conduct an on-site research according to your needs
  • Creation and facilitation of a Just Transition process
    • We facilitate the development of a framework for a just transition process
    • We organise a participatory social dialogue
  • Campaign & Communications Framework
    • Are you planning to launch a campaign but you don’t know yet in which direction you want to go or what your topic should be? You already have an idea what to tackle but you need help with setting up a strategy and a concept?
    • We developed the GeoFoods Campaign & Communications Framework to find the most effective campaign strategy
    • We offer workshops to get started on your campaign
  • Research
    • Do you need background information on a specific aspect or topic? We can help and take time to research all the relevant information
  • Project Management
    • Do you need help in managing a short- or mid-term project? We can take over your project management using agile workflows like Scrum.
  • Talks and Presentations
    • Are you hosting an event or conference? Are you a university and want to host a talk? We are happy to prepare a presentation and give talks on various occasions

If you are interested in working with us on the above mentioned services or have other ideas for collaboration just hit us up here