Our People

Nico Nettelmann – Founder

Nico is bringing 6,5 years of experience within the non-profit sector with a focus on food systems and environmental protection. He holds a B.Sc. in  human geography and landscape ecology. He worked on various successful food system policy campaigns on the EU and UN level and was an NGO representative at events like the UN climate change conferences (COP). Nico brings an extensive network of relevant stakeholders within the plant-based and cell-based protein landscape.

David Pedersen – Consultant

David has accumulated 37 years of enthusiasm for food, and 10 years of professional experience of actively working to transform the way we see, eat and produce food.
With a MA in Philosophy & Business Management, he’s grown tired, but inspired, of reading dead people and has spent his career seeking out where the rubber hits the road, or rather where the fork hits the plate and the seed hits the soil, to find the best levers of transformation in our food system. This journey has led him to work with campaigning and lobbying for a better food system at Meat Free Mondays Denmark and ProVeg International, and later develop strategy and partnerships at the 50by40, a global network of NGOs working collectively for a more humane, healthy, just and sustainable food system. Amidst a broad variety of topics within (and way beyond) food systems, he is particularly focused on the gendered aspects of food, and the disruptive potential of the booming alternative protein industry.